Suzana Norberg


San Diego, California, USA


Writing, Acting, Drawing


Someone once called me the coolest weirdo. I like that.

As a womxn, why do you think it is important to create?

I was born this way. In kindergarten I was smitten with paper and paste. In third grade I was in heaven the day we learned how to cross-stitch on burlap. (I can still smell the burlap.) I sew while watching TV. Illustrate overhead conversations. Knit at stop lights. Save everything for its collage or assemblage potential. I was born this way.

How do you define love?

Various levels of emotion ranging from the willingness to die for someone to weeping with connection.

What is the space like that you create in or feel the most creative in?

Perfect portable space: my Moleskine journal. Perfect stationary place: The gazebo in my yard, with curtains I sewed from shade cloth, succulents and trees all around, and a beautiful view

What do you like to listen to while you create?

My Joe Purdy station on Pandora, the Gypsy Kings, or Endless Melancholy.

How do you define art?

The expression of imagination.

What or who keeps you inspired?

Everything. All around me I see comedy, oddity and irony.