Maggie Solveson

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Vintage Clothing

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

I love to pick things off the shelf for women and say you have to try this, it’s perfect for you and this one time I picked a dress in Chicago for a girl and she was like, “Maggie it will never fit and I said yes it will – its perfect.” So it did and she looked at my tag and she said, “oh you’re Brown Cow Vintage? You’re like famous.” And that’s my proudest moment.

How do you define love?

Love is giving to something or someone without worrying about yourself. It’s selflessness…total commitment. Love is completely and totally selfless. We take it for granted but everyone is searching for it whether they know it or not.

Do you know or remember when you decided “This is what I’m going to do”?

I remember a time when I found all these incredible dresses and I had to have them all and they weren’t for me – they didn’t fit me and I just bought them. I thought, “if I don’t wear these then I’m going to sell them” and I had been watching people do this for so long and thinking it was the coolest thing ever and I finally worked up the courage in college to do a little part time selling. I had my little point & shoot camera and I went down to the courtyard of the dorms and with one of my girlfriends who was real pretty and I was posting these pictures online and they were selling and it was too exciting to stop … and I never stopped.

Has there ever been a time that you or someone else questioned your decision to start Brown Cow Vintage?

Most people who love me and know me and understand how serious I am about this are endlessly supportive but I have had people who kind of just don’t understand why I’m not going the typical route. I do have a college education. It’s not anything related to this but I think people wonder why I didn’t go for more education or the stable career or the security. It doesn’t work like that for me – I’ve taken a huge risk with Brown Cow Vintage and I do some things to support my income because it’s not something I can always count on. Actually that ex-boyfriend of mine – his mom at one point she got me alone and she said, “hey yeah I know you’re having a lot of fun with this but what’s your real plan?” And I told her, I said, “well I really hope to grow my business and have this be something sustainable. This means a lot to me.” And she could never understand because she couldn’t get past the status thing.

Do you have any words of advice for young womxn/artist/creators out there?

If it is something you’re truly passionate about, be totally and completely serious about – not just because you think it’s a good idea. The second step is making the time for it even when you’re crunched for time. And third, never let it too far out of your mind because when it’s on your mind, it’s there for a reason and ignoring it is not going to work out for you. Oh, and time management is so important.

Just finding a good flow is super beneficial to keeping your business successful and keeping your sanity.

Happy, happy birthday Maggie! Today, we want to celebrate you and all that you’ve created with Brown Cow Vintage. Thank you for taking the time to share your insight into the wonderful world of vintage and for finding all the beautiful things for us to wear.