Madeleine Shelton


San Diego, California, USA


Flowers, foliage, ribbon, earnestness, business owner


Floral designer with a niche for one-of-a-kind installations and a kind, giving friend

As a woman or woman of color, why do you think it is important to create?

Sharing one’s craft and experiencing someone else’s artwork provides an opportunity for human connection, a privileged glimpse into another person’s worldview. Whether or not the message derived is the message intended is irrelevant – I feel the act of creating provides an opportunity for both parties (the creator and the experiencer) to learn something from the other.

What or who keeps you inspired?

I am deeply inspired by the positivity of people who’ve weathered significant pain and continue to share their gifts with others in an open-hearted manner. That is the embodiment of inner radiance.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

In a conversation regarding career goals, a former college professor, whom I admire and respect, encouraged me to pursue floral design as a career instead of jumping into a corporate business role.

What is the space like that you create in?

Aside from the typical must-haves for florists, (natural light, cool temperature space, tables at the proper height for designing) I like to work in a space with good bones – somewhere that has a positive energy to it.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

Sometimes podcasts. Sometimes a playlist. I probably play Fleetwood Mac every time I’m in the studio. If I’m feeling particularly moody, you can bet I’ve got a couple Joni Mitchell albums going and a heavy helping of Amy Winehouse cranked on high.

The florals of Botanica Muse are super romantic and we feel the love that goes into their arrangements. Thank you Madeleine for sharing your beauty with the world and inspiring us to learn more as both a creator and experiencer of art.