Lyn Muldrow

:: AGE



Oakland, California, USA


Writing, front end web development


She/her, woman/mom/lesbian


Why do you think it’s important for womxn or womxn of color to create?

“I think a lot of times our experiences are not shown or males’ preference or idea of what the world looks like is shown over ours. I think it’s important we share our experiences, our view of the world and the way things occur in our sphere. And just express ourselves creatively. As women of color, I feel like we’re not motivated or taught at a younger age to seek that. We’re told to be very practical about our jobs, our careers, our hobbies even, so it’s good to see other people creating and i think it’s important because we have things to say.”

What has been your proudest moment?

“My proudest moment is the first time i was ever published…I’ve always felt this fear to write and teachers have told me over the years ‘You’re a great writer!’ I’ve been afraid of my own talent, I guess. Being perceived out in the world by people who have read my words and enjoy them was a really, really proud moment for me. I’ve written for a number of publications now, but I think the first that really made me proud was a local LGBTQ newspaper and I got to see my name in print.”

How do you define art?

“I would define art as any form of creative expression of life, be that writing or color representation.”

What would you say to someone who’s in the early stages of creating?

“Just do it. Don’t be afraid. Just do it because it is a part of you. I feel like it is very freeing to express yourself creatively. It’s freeing to let go and know that your creative mind is just as important as anyone else’s.”

Who are some of your favorite artists?

“In terms of writing, I would definitely say Zora Neale Hurston and Toni Morrison are my two biggest inspirations. I had an awakening of spirit via reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and it’s something I read at least once a year because I think the words were so beautiful. The way she expressed herself was eloquent and she told a story that was timeless. I want to be one day as good a writer.”

Who or what inspires you?

“My kids definitely. First and foremost, they are very much my inspirations. Just observing nature, being outside, y’know, mountains – just natural elements inspire me. And the human experience as well.”

What would you want your kids to know about you?

“That mommy is a fighter. It’s really important to be your authentic self at any age. Even at 32, I still find ways to reinvent myself and to learn how to be more of my authentic self. And I think it’s important for them now, at 3 and 7, and for them in the future.”

Lyn, we celebrate how you continue growing and expressing yourself creatively.  We are deeply moved by the inspiration you draw from your children. Thank you for letting us share in your journey and view your authentic self through your writing.