Lorenza but my friends call me Lolle

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Ascoli Piceno, Italy


illustration and strange clothes


I'm a Sailor Senshi and Illustrator

As a womxn, why do you think it is important to create?

I think that to create is important for everyone, beyond our sexuality…  being able to create something from nothing, it’s one of the most amazing things of life…and I think that everyone should have the possibility to do that once in their life!

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

^_^ in this moment I’m conscious that I’m only at the beginning of my artistic path… but I think that the biggest satisfaction for me was when I realized that I could be able to sustain myself with my art… when I opened my shop, I didn’t thought that it would be successful! and I’m so happy that so many people are supporting my art letting me realizing my biggest dream!

How do you define love?

uhm, nice question! well, the practical side of my brain, would answer that love is a matter of chemical reactions…but the creative part of me prefers to think that is something magical and inexplicable, shrouded in mystery!

What is the space like that you create in?

Actually I don’t own a proper work-space… since about two years I moved into a small apartment…so I’m actually using my kitchen table to create my art… I really hope to be able to own a real art-studio soon! for an artist is really important to work in a suitable place!

What do you like to listen to while you create?

when I make art I prefer to watch movies or tv series, instead of listening to music…I find images more inspirational than music…

What’s your earliest memory of making art?

I’ve started drawing pretty early…when I was a little girl, pencils and markers were my best friends ♡ ♡ ♡many members of my family are into arts, so they always pushed me in developing my fantasy and creativity…

Do you have any words of advice for young womxn/artist/creators out there?

don’t let nobody stop your passion for art! unfortunately, even in 2016, art and creativity are seen as a loss of time or only as a childish activity… I came across in people that didn’t take my job seriously so many times…don’t let these people discourage you! believe in your talent and carry on!

What social issues do you care about most? If you had a message to send, what would it be?

there are lot of social issues I’m worried about…but, I think that I use my art mostly to communicate my disappointment about stereotyped beauty standards… I have been criticized a lot in my adolescence for my physical aspect…and this has been reason of insecurity and isolation for me…but now that I’ve grown up, and that I’ve gained self-confidence, I’d like to use my artworks to tell people that there isn’t a unique way to be pretty! and that beauty hides in originality and unconventionality!  

What could you not live without?

art and clothes!  

What makes you happy?  

uh! a lot of things!! I’m mostly happy when I’m able to create art…and in order to make that, I love to be surrounded by cute things: toys, plushies, strange critters and above all art books and movies! this stuff is a big source of inspiration for me!

What or who keeps you inspired?

a lot of things!!! I think that my art-style is pretty “visual”…mostly influenced by aesthetic… I draw inspiration from street fashion, pop culture, fairy tales, toys, kawaii stuff, movies, books etc…and naturally from the work of other artists!  

Who is an artist/creative who inspires you?

Oh they’re a lot!! I love pop-surrealism!! and so all the artists of this movement…like Mab Graves, Trevor Brown, Camille Rose Garcia, Mark Ryden, Miss Van…and even other young illustrators as Wishcandy, Danny Brito, Ambird, Bei Bad Girl, Brett Manning and more… lately I’ve an art crush for Hieronymus Bosch ♡

What do you think are some ways to strengthen/celebrate the community of womxn who are artists/creatives?

Living in a small city, I haven’t many occasions to meet other artists or to join art events… I’d really appreciate to take part on collective expositions or art fairs, to talk with other young creatives, tell our stories and our experiences…I think this could be really usefull for each artist to find inspiration and new incentives!

Lolle, we love your style and your little kitten bags make us super happy. I want one! We feel you on wanting to connect with more artists,  in cities big and small. Hope we can meet you some day with even more of the wild hearts community.