Liana Finck

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Brooklyn, New York, USA




Female, Jewish, good at drawing, socially awkward


As a womxn, why do you think it is important to create?

It has always been important for women to create. History doesn’t want us to know that.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

Making a really good, mean caricature of my sixth grade teacher. I felt like I got to the heart of something that was bothering me. The next time I felt that way, it was when I made a really mean caricature of an ex boyfriend. That was the first drawing I posted on Instagram.

How do you define love?

I am basically a dog and can love anyone who makes kindly physical contact. I don’t know why it’s been so tricky.

What is the space that you like to create in?

I just moved to a new apartment that I like to work in. It’s the first time I’ve worked at home. My roommates work there too. I used to rent studio space, and have worked in all kinds of free artist and writer spaces in the city. I love working in the right cafe, where you can see a lot and not feel in the way. And I love working on trains, and while walking in a beautiful place without people.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

Podcasts, to dull the anxiety. But sometimes I need to just confront it and work in silence. I’m a lot sharper when I do. I listen to music when I’m feeling manic – but I’m really picky about music, so it’s just as likely to make me feel sad.

What is your earliest memory of making art?

I remember drawing in my high chair.

Do you have any words of advice for young womxn/artist/creators out there?

Sadness is usually rage that you’re not letting out. Rage is joyful.

What social issues do you care about most?  

The ladies, in various settings. I mean I care about others equally much but this is the one I feel qualified to be a brat about.

What could you not live without?

Nature. But I do.

How do you make time to create?

Maybe a more pertinent question would be: how do I make money without a real job.

How does your mental health affect your work?

I draw because I am an over sensitive drawing-person. 2 I draw what I know, aka my feelings.

Words can hardly express our love for the illustrations of Liana Finck. Your posts are the ones we stop scrolling for, the ones that make us deep belly laugh and send to each other’s DM. Keep sharing your truths and we hope we can connect with you some day.