Illustration, embroidery, ceramics, photography, design, architecture

How do you define art?

All life is a form of art. Art, when it’s done the right way, it’s a very special way people find to connect with the divine.

Why is it important for womxn to create art?

Well, the reason I think is important to create and express ourselves, it’s the same for women, men, women of color, men of color, children and elderly people… We all need to express ourselves, our feelings, our perspectives, our thoughts. When we share our deep feelings and views of the world, not only we understand ourselves better but we make it possible for other people to get inside our world and open new doors to the universe.

I think women in particular, should create more because they have so many beautiful things to share. Because if they created more they would be even more connected to the divine, feel more fulfilled and be less critical with themselves and others. Women need to believe more in themselves and in each other. They need to stop finding reasons to justify why they should create art and just show the world they are already doing it and they are pretty damn good at it.

What inspires you?

Life. People. Music. Time. Everything. I think every time my grandfather looked at my drawings and praised my work. He really believed in me. I never got to thank him for that.

How do you define love?

“Love” can be a drug, a disease or a cure. But above all, Love is an attitude, it is a life style and it’s the answer for most of our questions.

Where do you create?

I don’t have a specific space where I create. But most of the time I find myself being creative when I’m left by myself, in my room.

What do you listen to while you create?

To music, of course. Different types of music. Lately I have been obsessed with this Brazilian\portuguese band named “Banda do Mar”, but I like a lot of other stuff too.

When I’m in Mozambique, I like to listen to nature’s sounds. To seat somewhere outside and hear the little birds singing, that is very inspiring.

I always try to understand why did the artist do that particular work and when I can’t figure it out, I just ignore it.

How do you make time to create?

I am very inconsistent with that. I do most of my art in my free time, when I’ve finished a job, when I’m bored, sad, mad, when I have a lot of things in my mind and am not sure what to do next… I also draw to help myself get some answers. It’s a thinking tool.

What’s your earliest memory of creating?

Since a very young age, I have always been the type of child that was always sitting with a pen and a paper, drawing. But I think the first time I remember doing something I was really proud of, was when I drew a street with buildings all over the corridor that connected my room to the living room, at home, and called my parents to see it. I was really happy with the result, of course my parents didn’t like the idea, but I was so enthusiastic about it, they could not even get mad at me.

Thank you Filipa for sharing your divine spirit with us. We hope Mother Nature continues to inspire.