ena ganguly

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Houston, Texas, USA


poetry, writing


Indian-Bengali femme

As a womxn of color, why do you think it is important to create?

You are worth recording and when you create something, you are putting something of yourself in the creation. we can create in many ways: writing, singing, dancing, making and raising babies, loving someone, cooking, crafting—when we commit to our process of creating, we have a part of our inner selves, outside of us, and that is a beautiful and necessary thing. That sort of creation allows us to connect to other hearts, and has the sort of potential that can heal the pain, historic and personal trauma, as well as affirm our collective tomorrows.

What or who keeps you inspired?

All the women in my many lives.

How do you define love?

these two quotes from two poets say it all:

if you want to offer love…

be like the partridge who

swallows burning coals

in love of the moon

– Mirabai


speak not of love

if you are not prepared,

at the Beloved’s call,

to cut off your head

with your own hands

and lay it at the feet

of the Lord.

– Vaswani

love is giving up the ego, the self’s sense of self, becoming gentle, open, humble and experiencing without any expectations. that’s love, at its best.

Do you have any words of advice for young artist/creators out there?

my mamma gave my a diary when i was really young and i remember i would write everything down, from what i did to what i ate that day and all my inner inner thoughts. nowadays, i don’t do that as much! self-editing is a real problem for me. if you’re an aspiring writer, especially one who writes in prose/poetry, write every thing down. write down what you ate, write down where you went, your feelings, your most intimate thoughts, and don’t worry if it doesn’t sound as eloquent, poetic or put together as you would like it to sound. just go with it and come back to it later to pick out things that look promising and build up on it. this is a strategy i’m really working on too, so it’s okay to continue chipping away at it. we are all learning.

ena, we celebrate your poetry, your vision, your voice, and your power. Thank you for sharing your inner self with us and allowing your words to connect people from around the world.