Claire Tibbs

:: AGE



Chicago, Illinois, USA


Curator of spaces


Sex positive, queer, feminist

As a womxn, why do you think it is important to create?

It is imperative to create feminine spaces that foster creativity, growth, support and community.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

I have supported my self for four years with from a job I created within a community I love.

How do you define love?

Love is warmth, softness, kindness and magic.

What is the space that you like to create in?

Humboldt House is a sex positive, body positive, queer, feminine minded space that is comfortable, supportive and beautiful.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

Blood Orange, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Patsy Cline, Aaliyah, Beyonce, TLC and NPR.

What is your earliest memory of making art?

I was always a collector. My pockets were filled with coins, trash and shiny things.

Do you have any words of advice for young womxn/artist/creators out there?

Live loud, live big, take risks, have the most fun.

What social issues do you care about most?

Sex positivity and education, body positivity, queerness, the breakdown of hetero and homonormative spaces, dismantling the patriarchy, how to be a conscious capitalist, prison reform and pitbull love.

What could you not live without?

Cuddle puddles with my people.

How do you make time to create?

All time has room for creation.

How does your mental health affect your work?

It’s more like how my work affects my mental health. I am happiest, fullest and most alive when I am in the spaces I have worked to create or worked to be apart of. Whether it is my home, store or the queer parties and community events I attend.

Where might you find a space that makes you feel light, happiness, creativity, freedom and love? In Chicago, in the space known as Humboldt House, lovingly created by Claire Tibbs. Thank you for creating safe feminine spaces. Your positivity radiates. Hope to visit you again soon.