Christina (Nina) Hudson

:: AGE



Spokane, Washington, USA


Multimedia, Drawing, Illustration, Singing, Writing, multidisciplinary


cis; Xicana/Gullah


How do you define art?

Ultimately, I don’t believe art can be defined. For the sake of conversation, though, I would define art as anything that purposefully evokes emotion. By that definition, then, pretty much all of life is art.

What does art mean to you?

Art means breaking the illusion of separation, even if only for a brief moment.

As a womxn of color, why do you think it is important to create?

It’s important for me, a person of color to create because our experiences in this life are so complex– we have subtle commonalities but each experience is so extremely different that the experiencing of merely existing can feel extremely lonely; when I create art and it speaks someone, we are unified, we have transcended to nuances of our experiences.

What or who keeps you inspired?

So many things and people keep me inspired. Mostly though, I think it’s people who are unapologetically themselves.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

I don’t know that I’ve had one yet.

How do you define love?

Love is existence. Love is everything that is & everything that ever was. As a verb, though, love is the choice to experience without judgement– when judgement falls away, what is left is love in its purest form.

What is the space that you like to create in?

I like to create outside, under the sun, the most.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

It depends on my mood. Lately, it’s been r&b & hip hop.

What do you do with art that you aren’t particularly fond of?

I throw it away. Later I wish I hadn’t. It’s usually art that reminds me of an emotion I didn’t enjoy feeling.

How do you make time to create?

It’s difficult & it’s a struggle. Usually, making time for art means forgetting about some mundane responsibility for a few days.

What’s your earliest memory of making art?

My earliest memory of making art is cutting and pasting images I had cut from my mother’s magazines into a journal.

Do you have any words of advice for young artist/creators out there?

All art is “good” art. Create what you like without comparing your work to what is popular at the time.

Do you have any advice for people who want to crete but are scared to/ doubt themselves/ haven’t created in awhile/ have competing priorities?

Your responsibilities aren’t going anywhere & their purpose is to help you live; if you don’t make them wait sometimes to do what you love, you aren’t living and your responsibilities are pointless anyway. Make art for the sake of making art and the self doubt will fade.

Who is a fellow artist/creative who inspires you?

I am super inspired by Markus Prime. I had for a long time centered my own art around images of white people, even when I was trying to depict myself. Mostly because that’s all I saw from my favorite artists but also because I didn’t see beauty in my own form. Markus Prime’s work really helped me to see my own beauty & inspired me to express myself without first filtering it through whiteness.

What do you think are some ways/one way to strengthen/celebrate the community of womxn who are artists/creatives?

I think the best way to celebrate and strengthen the community of women who are artists and creatives is to support their work, fill our homes with it, lift them up, & collaborate with the whenever possible.

What message are you sending with your art?

I think the message I am usually trying to convey with my art is that there is beauty in all things.

If you have a daughter what would you want her to know about you at this stage in your life?

The same things I want my sons to know about me: that I am an ever changing whole human.

Everyday I am learning & changing– an ability which only comes from the commitment to allowing myself to be my whole self at all times.

Nina, thank you for being unapologetically yourself. You inspire us to create art that speaks to others. Thank you for sharing your truth and wisdom.