Chantel McKenzie

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New Jeru, New Jersey, USA




Free Spirit/First Generation West Indian American

As a womxn or womxn of color, why is it important to create?

As a woman of color representation in the future is big for me. If we don’t carve our niche in this world they will fill in the blanks with misinformation. We seen this happen in the erasing of history for african americans. I don’t plan to sit here and wait for anyone to design my future. So it important that we create to have a voice that screams “ IM HERE” so that we are not forgotten.

How do you define love?

I define love as the All and we are all apart of the All therefore we are all love.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

i love listening to spiritual music like Indian Mantra of peace and Space Jazz like Sun Ra

What do you do with art you aren’t particularly fond of?

hide it in a very dark corner until I’m re-inspired

i take that time to find what i like and what i don’t like about society and collect the things that move me and write it all down/draw it in my sketch book. It give me a grasp on what my message behind my art work will be and helps me build a foundation to know where my art work is focused.

Who or what inspires you?

My friends are my muses so they are apart of what i create. And since most of my friends are artist they can give healthy feedback to work i have in progress.

What can you not live without?

i cant live without music and the sun

Thank you Chantel – we are grateful for your vision and spreading love through your art.