Ana Hoo

:: AGE



Porto, Portugal


Pen, Ink, Markers and Digital Painting


Awkward Human


 As a womxn, why do you think it is important to create?

For me, creating is a necessity and a safe place. It’s how I make my voice be heard in the world.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

Anytime anyone looks, likes and feels connected to my work is a victory.

How do you define love?

I can’t define it by words, but I do know it makes everything better.

Describe the space that you like to create in?

I work at home in my messy desk, alone with my computer, sketchbook, pens, markers, coffee and cigarettes.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

I like to listen to various styles of music depending on the mood I want to explore in my illustrations, but mostly blues rock, neo soul, alternative hip-hop, jazz and some synthpop.

What is your earliest memory of making art?

Messing around while trying to figure out watercolours as a kid.

Do you have any words of advice for young womxn/artist/creators out there?

Don’t stop creating and don’t be discouraged by failure. You will be frustrated, and sad sometimes, but all the hard work will eventually pay off. You just have to keep doing it.

What social issues do you care about most?

Any kind of social injustice messes me up.

What could you not live without?

Cheese and cats. Not necessarily in that order.

How do you make time to create?

If you love something, you’ll find time for it. I quit my full time job to be able to do what I love, but I used to work after hours in my projects whenever I could.

How does your mental health affect your work?

As someone who suffers from general/social anxiety and the chronic blues, I use my work as a way of saying things that are not so easy to say verbally. My work plays an incredible and significant part in my understanding of who I am, how I deal with the world and how I process these feelings. It’s actually therapeutic, so I guess it’s more of a cycle, since they both influence each other.

Who are your influences/inspirations?

I mostly take inspiration from nature, humans, femininity, the universe and everything in between. Regarding other artists, I find very inspiring the work of Caitlin Hackett, Michael Howard (NVM Illustration), Karl Mountford, Livia Fălcaru and Noemi Gambini, between so many others.

What message do you want to spread with your art?

There’s beauty, love, sadness and joy all around us. Allow yourself to feel stuff, and grow from it.