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Chicago, Illinois, USA


Vocals/ Production


Queer/ Black and Proud

As a womxn of color, why do you think it is important to create?

I know its important to create because We as woman of color need to set an example for future our children and our youth. To let them know they can express themselves with tools that would lead them to success. Instead of behind bars. Prisons were set up to keep the Black Man and Woman back from achieving. It needs to end and children need to know expressing themselves through violence just leads to more generations of violence. We gotta teach them to pick up pencils and paint brushes. Instead of Guns and Cigarettes. Pick up the mics and express themselves. We all have a gift. We have to create more positive music. We gotta create more music with instruments to stimulate our brains and help blossom our youth.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist/creative?

Basically every time I stand of stage and sing because I always think to myself damn, a couple years ago you thought you couldn’t achieve this. Not being chosen for the Voice or American Idol because It pushed me to still make it. I’m damn good they didn’t know what was in front of them. I’m not the type to be molded anyway.

How do you define love?

Love is infinite and Love is not binding. Love is music. All I got is love and it is all I can give. Love is the feeling I get when I know i get to go home and mix a song. Actually sitting down at a computer that I have been waiting for two years to receive and being able to mix my own music on that exact computer. I have been waiting two years to get a IMAC. That is Love. God is Love.

What is the space that you like to create in?

Very wavy. Candles and incense. I actually turned my closet into a recording booth, it’s pretty awesome if you ask me. This is the best space I have thus far I do believe.

What do you like to listen to while you create?

Jill Scott, Billie Holiday, Erykah. Anything smooth honestly to set the mood.

What’s your earliest memory of making art?

When I was about 7 or 8 I used to record my voice through voice memos on my nokia phone that my dad gave me. I used to hate my voice though because I didn’t sound like Toni Braxton or Whitney I thought wasn’t good. Wasn’t til recently I started to actually enjoy my voice. I used to write the corniest songs growing up but it taught me a lot about word play. My mom also decided to make my sister and I into a singing group but my sister and I couldn’t agree on anything which later taught me I’m better off as a solo act. lol

What do you do with art that you aren’t particularly fond of?

I keep it in a special dungeon muhahaha. Just kidding, I usually just keep it in my files. I always can go back If I have any ideas. Or I simply delete it.

How do you make time to create?

Getting off my ass to create. I work a lot and I also sleep a lot. I just always remind myself why I’m here and that usually keeps me motivated.

Do you have any words of advice for young artist/creators out there?

Don’t STOP, YOUR ART IS AMAZING, If you don’t believe it now then one day you will. JUST DON’T STOP. You will improve,you will transform and you will transcend. Also don’t follow trends they tend to be in and out the door. Weird is cool and be nice. Also fuck Trumps!

What or who keeps you inspired?

My passion to change the world inspires me. Knowing that I’m powerful enough to help others and heal others souls as well as my own. Love inspires me. God inspires me. Nature inspires me. The trees the most, the way the branches form and the root always stands strong. It reminds me of myself. No matter what impact i receive I always tend to stand tall and strong. I gotta keep pushing because my mom wants to basically have a permanent vacation. I want to make it to the point I can take care of myself and my family in this western society. And generations after that, no more struggling inspires me.

How do you define art?

Art is a way to communicate with your surroundings and peers in my opinion.

Another form of communication to be more clear. I have always been the shy type, wild child at heart and music has always been the best way for me to communicate. I express my emotions in every song i create wether it’s a song or a beat. If I feel sorrow I usually tend to sing the blues. When I’m feeling upbeat I’m gonna do a little funk. If I feel saucy I’m gonna create a saucy beat. Art is however you perceive it. Art is one amazing gift that is giving to us multidimensional beings.

What does art mean to you?

Art means the world to me honestly. I don’t know how I would even entertain myself if it wasn’t for Art. All the way from music to a Photograph that I discovered 10 years ago that sparked my mental to capture photographs or create that perfect melody. It means that I have a purpose on earth. That i get to create music to make me feel good but also to make others feel good. It means that I matter as a individual just because I can engineer my own tracks and have them sound just as good as a professional studio. Music reminds me I’m not alone and others are out there feeling me and that can relate to me. Music is universal its power and It’s thriving and It’s alive.

Thank you 00GODDESS00 – your soundcloud is waaaavvvvvyyyyy. Next time you’re in San Diego or Oakland, plz hit us up. We would be honored to catch your music live.