Our mission is to increase the visibility of womxn’s* experiences and identities** and how it relates to their creation of art. We share womxn’s stories through interviews in order to 1.) advance womxn 2.) create community and 3.) deconstruct societal expectations.

*we were inspired by Maria T. Vallarta’s tumblr post on spelling ‘women’ with an ‘x’ because it is more inclusive and stands for many different identities, struggles, and movements womxn have been part of.

**race, gender, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age, nationality, perspective 


We are joining an international movement to rewrite the narrative of womxn*. We are doing this by creating a documentary, building research on womxn’s rights, creating a syllabus to guide us, connecting womxn to resources, connecting womxn through events, opening a shop and shared workspace where we sell womxn-made products, and reaching one million interviews. Our goal is to compensate every artist fairly for their contribution and time on this project.

How you can support us

Thank you. We love you.

*This website was designed and built by Ferran Nicolls (read her OMWH interview here).  Thank you Ferran for helping us turn our vision into reality! We are so grateful.